Who is The Scrub Nurse?

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Hello everybody! 🙂

My name is Sofia, I am a 🇵🇹 PORTUGUESE nurse  and this is the blog that you need to follow in order to become THE scrub nurse!

Sometimes is easy to become a ROBOT  and ending up scrubbing for a case without really understand what the surgery envolve. But that’s why this blog was created:

To share the knowledge of various surgical procedures of different specialties, exposing concepts of anatomy and pathophysiology in an easy and light manner.

The blog is continuously updated with something new that I learned in my work as a scrub nurse and you will be able to take a look whenever you want!

Considere it as my job diary! 🗝 (Curious? Let’s have a look!)

Até já,

P.S: I am proud to say that all the pictures in my blog are made by ME (apart from the 1st post), so please do appreciate my hard work and if you would like to share them, please do reference THE SCRUB NURSE blog. Thank you.


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